About this site

For all those who don’t know about Hailey we encourage your to read her story. She is a beautiful girl who has been battling brain cancer for over a year and a half now. She has a very special experience that we want everyone to know about. This is not just to spread the word about Hailey but to spread awareness of brain cancer in general. This site was created in her behalf so that anyone can read about her story and inspire her and become inspired themselves. You will find a menu bar that guides you through this site. You can read her story, progress and most importantly you can help by donating to her fund that has been set up. We encourage everyone to especially pay attention to the “How to help” page. This is where you can donate and also send a message right to her specifically even if you don’t know her. We encourage everyone to participate, tweet, share on facebook and spread the word however you find it to be effective. We appreciate your time for visiting this site dedicated to our loved Hailey and we truly appreciate your generosity and kindness. Thank you