How to login & post

Everyone that is a friend or family of Hailey has been invited to a group via facebook and has been given a general user name and password.  If you have not been invited or if you do not have a facebook than please contact Paige Aiono Call and she will provide it to you. Once you get the user login and password you are welcome to post. All posts  automatically go under the Share Memories page. If you want to make a post follow these steps.

1. Click “Login” located on the menu bar and then type in the user name and password.

2. Click on posts/add new.

3. Add a tittle to your post.

4. Type your content in the media box.

5. When adding a photo, click the media icon and upload as many photos as you would like.

6. When finished click “Update” located on the upper right hand of the page.