Hailey’s Journey

In the Fall of 2012, Hailey began her first semester of college at Chandler Gilbert Community College and she played volleyball there. She was having a great semester and doing well in both school and volleyball. Hailey has always been a fun, loving, and outgoing person so when she started to feel sick starting in July everyone could tell something was definitely wrong because she was not herself. She went to the doctor and to the emergency room several times and no one seemed to know what was wrong with her but still her body and head hurt tremendously. It was the Friday night after Thanksgiving that my family went to the hospital because Hailey’s symptoms were getting worse, and the doctor ran some tests and a few hours later we discovered what seemed to be the unthinkable. The doctor came into Hailey’s room at around three in the morning and all of us were sitting in there laughing and reflecting on past memories. When he entered we could tell something was wrong, and our fears were confirmed as the doctor stated that they found a ┬ámass in her brain. The room fell silent and tears streamed down everyone’s faces. Within the hour Hailey was transported to the Barrows Neuro Unit of St. Joseph’s Hospital. It was there that she stayed for the next month and had six procedures performed and the doctors were able to find out that she had a benign but slow growing tumor called Ganglioglioma.

Throughout the time Hailey was at the hospital she naturally had good and bad days, but no matter what she always stayed strong and overcame every trial that was thrown her way. As my family went through this tragic time we all came together and relied on each other for support and comfort. Many prayers were said for Hailey, not just from family, but from friends and people all over including people from our church. Hailey is currently at home and is making progress. The tumor has affected her short term memory so she struggles with remembering things as well as finding an appetite, but none the less she is on the road to recovery. We are grateful to all of those who have helped in any way; whether it be the doctors and nurses or those who have kept Hailey in their prayers. For more up to date information on Hailey please click on the “Progress” tab to read more. She has been through it all and we appreciate you taking the time to care about what she is going through.

Photos by Richard Faiva