My Dearest Sister

Hailey words alone could not express how much of an inspiration you’ve become to all those who have read and heard your story! You truly are amazing! As your older sister it has been one of the hardest things to have to witness you going through all of this but seeing your positive attitude and unwavering faith has made it tons easier! You have never once questioned why and have taken this tumor head on! My dear sister I want to thank you for strenghthening my testiomony as I know by your example that with faith our Savior truly carries us in times of need. The atonement is real and he has felt our every pain and knows us personally! You were chosen because the Lord knew you would be able to handle this without question! My beautiful sister please know we are here every step of the way and are fighting with you!! Mina and Maverick love you dearly and I am so grateful to say you are their aunty! Stay strong sis! I love you tons!!

Your sis,


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